Here is my crack at a modern-day Parable; There was a man who made a commitment to be part of a competition. The competition was in 8 months so he felt prepared and ready to go. A sturdy, well-built young guy, he didn’t practice much because he was naturally gifted at sport. He had always consistently performed better than all his friends and his community so he knew he would do well. The community also supported his dream and they all donated funds and contributed to his journey and his competition. As the day of the competition arrived, the whole village waited in excitement and anticipation for his victory but when the event date arrived, he lost. His loss was so bad that he realized how wrong he was about his entire outlook on winning. He had one major question on his mind, “when did I lose this fight?”

I think a lot of people never ask themselves that question. When you lose a battle, when you lose a fight or when things go wrong. Did you lose the fight on the day of the fight or in your preparation for the fight? Discipline is when you fight and win small battles so that your final and public victory is clearly seen. You have to win in private places before you can win in public places. The discipline of continuous fervent and private prayer will manifest itself in a publicly blessed life James 5:16. The discipline of reading the word of God daily will manifest itself in a life of confidence, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15. The life of consistent surrender to the Holy Spirit in faith will manifest itself in visible acts of faith 1 Cor 15:58. The continuous practice and use of gifts of the Holy Spirit will make you excel in them 1 Timothy 4:14.

We don’t realize that we lose because we start getting ready on the day of the battle. If we want to win our focus should be on small victories. Victories that no one celebrates, victories that happen behind closed doors, victories that don’t often feel like victories. A Christian must be disciplined in prayer, worship, service, reading of the word, in relationship building, integrity, and in fellowship with others. Your Christianity must be a disciplined Christianity, everything you will do for success will be intentional and consistent.

Miracle money and instant blessings are the teachings that have kept us in object poverty and unhappiness. God is calling us to be disciplined!

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