Washed by the blood

Day 2 Washed by the blood

The most basic teaching about the blood of the lamb is the instruction that reveals the heart of God through the blood. The washing away of our sins and the purity that we have received through the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is a heavenly agent that was purposed for the cleansing of ungodly things and to ensure the continuation of the eternal legacy of heaven. It separates me from the earthly legacy and connects me to the divine legacy. The blood of man is ruined by the iniquity and sins of our fathers, it is impure and sinful. We struggle with defilement and demonic habits that are in our blood from the mistakes of our fathers. The blood of Jesus is pure and holy, it is spotless and sinless. At the confession of our faith, we receive a transfusion from our sinful blood and we receive sinless blood, the blood that flows on the mercy seat of God, from a sinless lamb is received and injected into my body.

The blood purifies me from the iniquity in my blood and It washes away the history of sin and the presence of sin. It gives me the power to say NO to any curse in my blood and it separates me from generational bondage that comes through the bloodline transfusion. The same curse and sin that haunted and circulated in my bloodline resulting in any demonic inheritance is then broken and we find complete freedom in Christ though his blood. I have the power to end any unsanctified legacy and inheritance and cut it off even from my children and their children. Things that my parents and ancestors struggled with will not be perpetuated when the blood of Jesus is at work. Sin has no more power in me because I have received a heavenly transfusion.



Revelation 1:5

Romans 3:24-25

Ephesians 1:7

1 John 1:7



I am washed by the precious blood of the lamb, all past iniquity and sins are washed away and forgiven. I am spotless and undefiled. The blood of Jesus cleanses me into perfection.

I have received the transfusion of heaven, I have the full inheritance of heaven, the mannerisms, promise, covering, legacy, and genetics of heaven are visible in my live.

I have power over sin and iniquity. I silence any unsanctified habit passed down from my ancestry and I speak that the blood of Jesus in me speaks louder.

I decree that this is the end of any ancient struggles, any ancestral sin, any demonic legacy or curse. These will not be perpetuated towards my children and my future.

Thank you Jesus for your precious blood, I receive it and I apply the blood of Jesus over my life, may it wash and cleanse me. I cover my _____________ (insert life, children, home….etc) with the blood of Jesus.

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