Understanding love


The most quoted scripture in the world concerning love is 1 Corinthians 13, everyone knows it and people quote it in every context except the most essential perspective. Love is not about receiving it, it is all about giving it. It is absolutely amazing that God did not require love from us, but instead he gave his love first. When we did not deserve it or earn it, He gave his love without asking for anything in return. I call this “Love with no prerequisite.” Human love usually comes with a requirement that must be met or a bar of acceptability that you must meet. I am human enough to admit that I have met people in the past that I really didn’t like, for no reason at all. Either based on how they looked, acted, or even for no reason at all. It is human to dislike, hate or disapprove of people you do not know, for no reason at all.
God loves you in spite of your messes, your flaws, your attitude and your sin. Even the most sinful murderers, philanderers, and people who have committed some of the worst genocides are simply loved by God. The love of God stretches over decades, dark hearts and depths of human complication. So much that scripture simply says he is love, not just an action but an embodiment of love. All of God, all of his attention, all of his concern is for you. He is so enamoured with you that John 3:16 adds the word “SO” to try to express the depth, weight, volume, width, length and height of his love for you. He so loved you that he gave nothing less than himself to you. Sometimes in our struggles, in dark seasons and delayed prayers, we often lose sight of the fact that we are loved. We can allow guilt and shame to rob us of the evident love of God. Not just through the cross but through our daily lives. Even when life is dark, the faithfulness and mercy of God continues to speak to us volumes of his love. If you are willing to open your eyes, you can see it
1 John 3:1
1 John 4:16-19
Jeremiah 29:11
Psalm 86:15
Romans 5:8

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