The war of prayer


Prayer is war; don’t take this in any other way as intended. Prayer is not easy, it requires your deepest devotion and attention. You cannot pray if you are not completely devoted to God. Prayer is one of the most difficult things for a Christian to do because the enemy fights prayer. The devil knows the power of prayer so he sets traps and obstacles that are meant to keep us from praying. These obstacles are so simple, we don’t even recognise them sometimes. The great enemies of prayer are usually small things like television, procrastination, busy-ness, life commitments and sometimes simple excuses. Remember when you told yourself that you didn’t have time to pray? We can easily become lethargic when it is prayer time, and some Christians only pray at bedtime for 7-10 minutes until they fall asleep.

You have to fight in order to get into the culture and heart of prayer. Trust me, your flesh is going to oppose prayer. It will naturally resist prayer. I have seen some people who suddenly get sleepy as soon as an impromptu prayer meeting starts and they are wide awake as soon as it ends. The emptiest church program is the prayer section sadly, other churches have completely removed it from the program. Yet, prayer is the backbone of our Christian faith. It is a war you have to constantly fight, to remain plugged into God. The enemy will often fight you on your most prayerful days. Those days of prayer and closeness with God often come with the most opposition from the devil. People will pick fights with you, cut you off in the freeway, provoke you and all this is to get a response out of you. Just don’t forget that this is a fight to remove you from prayer. Stay connected to God in prayer.


2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Matthew 18:18-19

Revelation 12:11


N.B set time aside daily to engage in prayer. Take deliberate steps to protect your prayer life and anything that wants to distract you from building a prayer life. Start a family cell group and pray every night with your family. Add some more time to your regular prayer schedule to improve it further.

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