The realm of the spirit

The realm of the spirit


The greatest deception in the church came through our own inability to understand that God is spirit and our relationship with him is most importantly a spiritual relationship. You cannot relate to God in the flesh or know Him in the flesh. He is spirit and they that worship him must do so in spirit and truth John 4:24. Our story does not end there, we have to be aware that the realities of God and the power of God is not just manifest in the flesh but is in the spirit. The Kingdom of God is not a fleshly one, but it is a spiritual one as well. This is the struggle that the Jews had with Jesus, they needed a fleshly saviour, a military man and that is why they couldn’t receive the gift of god through Christ because they could not comprehend that he was offering a spiritual inheritance.


In the same sense you are a spirit, that owns a body and a soul. As a result, you exist in a spiritual reality which is much more real than the physical world. This world we know and interact with is not even real compared to the spirit world which is unseen to most of us. The world of angels, demons, spirits and the supernatural. You cannot be an effective Christian with poor understanding of this world because most of your battles will not be fought in the flesh, instead they will be fought in the spirit. This world is where our God exists, it is the real world and it is a necessity for you as a Christian to know this world and to become informed of this world. We don’t fight against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers and rulers of this world. If you lose victories in the spirit world you will lose in the physical world. This means that you need to focus on developing your understanding of the spirit realm and the weapons at your disposal into achieving victory.



Ephesians 6:12

John 3:6-8

Galatians 5:25

Daniel 12:10-14



I declare that my eyes are opened and the realities of the spirit are clear to me. Lord remove the spirit of deception and open my blind eyes so I can see clearly the things of the spirit.


Oh Lord restore my spiritual eyesight, my divine hearing, my discerning heart and my spiritual instincts. Do not let me fall into spiritual deafness and dumbness in the name of Jesus.


Restore my sensitivity in the spirit and give me the


I declare that every planting of the enemy shall be pulled out of my life and the life of my loved ones. I arrest all satanic projections, attacks, fiery darts, arrows, and witchcraft activities.

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