The necessity of prayer


Prayer is an essential part of any Christian’s life because it is a key determinant of your level of maturity and the depth of your relationship with God. Every religion or cult and all over the world has some form of prayer in it, because prayer is essentially a meeting place between a god and a man. It is the place were humanity rendezvous with divinity. Through prayer, you create a closet where God meets to exchange words with you that can shape your life and destiny. Prayerlessness almost always results in powerlessness. A Christian that does not know how to pray, is often always defeated and lacks strength when necessary. This is not to mean that prayer will solve all life problems, but prayer definitely creates a spiritual foundation for victory.

God desires that we seek Him in prayer, and He desires that we be diligent and hungry for him. That we may yearn for time alone with him, even as he yearns to be with us as well. As we open our mouth to speak to him, we must also be sensitive to open our ears to hear from him. We know that the voice of God created the world, it shook Sinai, His voice is a game-changer and it transforms situations. Imagine putting yourself in an environment where his voice constantly speaks over you? What kind of life would that be, where God speaks over your life, as you speak to Him?

Prayer has the power to shake foundations, overturn rulings, heal hearts, break chains, give hope, change the mind of God over something, command legions of angels, protect your home and your children, rebuke demonic interference and change the entire temperament of the spirit world. You cannot afford to live without prayer, you cannot afford to go a day without prayer. Make a commitment to living a prayerful life.



Philippians 4:6-7

Colossians 4:2

James 5:16

Romans 12:12



Devote yourself to prayer this week by setting a schedule that allows you to spend time with God in prayer.

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