The Holy Spirit- The greatest search engine

Day 3 The Holy Spirit- The greatest search engine

In His simplicity God is so vast and big that we cannot comprehend who He is and what He is doing. He rightly says that His ways and thoughts are far higher than ours and the difference between our thought process and His thought process is as high as the heavens from the earth. There is always a great struggle between an eternal sovereign God and his creation which has sought to understand him. The Apostle Paul is speaking to the philosophers and men of Athens and he says to them God wants us to reach out to him, seek him, and find Him (Acts 17:27.) God has always desired that you may know him but as much as we can try. We fail to understand God because we are merely men and He remains God. We simply think at different levels and we simply cannot decode his language and His frequency.

This is until the Holy Spirit comes in, He creates a link between the invincible, immeasurable God and me. The Holy Spirit searches the deep and hidden things of God and He reveals them plainly to me. Now suddenly an uneducated boy from an unknown and insignificant town can understand and comprehend the words of the creator of the earth. The Holy Spirit makes scripture so plain to understand because He wrote it himself. He makes it easier for me to know what God has kept for me and what God has planned for me. He searches deeply into the heart of God and he makes mysteries and secret intentions of God plain to the listener. No secret is withheld from Him, no truth escapes Him. As you get closer to the Holy Spirit you are exposed to the circle of truth, the Holy Ghost will continue to leak secrets to you concerning your life. You will always have an edge which guarantees that you always win. He also reveals His truth to us  so we are established in Him



1 Cor 2:10

John 16:13

Luke 4:1



Holy Spirit, reveal the mind of God to me. Lead me into all truth concerning my life. Show me what God wants to do in me and through me.

Give me a clearer picture into the path that God has set for me. Teach me to become more attuned with your pace, rhythm and frequency.

I break the cycle of spiritual blindness over my life and I declare that in spite of all other things fighting for my attention, the Holy Spirit takes centre stage over my life. He is my focus and the leader/revealer over my life.

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