The Holy Spirit helper and comforter

Day 2 The Holy Spirit the helper and comforter

We all know the story of Job, a man who was subject to much pain and suffering all as a test of his faith. He went through the greatest trials of loss and pain. A man of much affliction, the truth is we cannot even comprehend the extent of Job’s pain and anguish. He lost everything he had without any recourse for temporary reprieve or rest. In his darkest moments Job is surrounded by his friends and his wife who sincerely cannot do anything to help him, and in Job 16:2 he calls his friends “miserable comforters” the word Job uses is the same word Jesus uses in John 14 to describe the Holy Spirit “Parakletos.” It means to be called to one’s side for help. Job noted that all his friends were miserable helpers/advocates. That even though they were on his side, they were miserable and useless.

Jesus however gives us the Holy Spirit as our paraclete. As a competent and capable helper. You can only truly succeed if your helper is capable. Sometimes we lean too much on men and we forget that they are just as miserable and desperate as we are. I have learned that in life everyone needs help, including the best of people. Doctors often need medicine and help too, lawyers need advocates too, pastors need prayer too, and we all eventually need help but its even more important to get the right help. The Holy Ghost is your source of help. He will anchor you beyond what any man can do. He will pour wisdom into you to get out of things that are impossible for any man. He is the raw power of God, the capability of God, His right hand and all His might. He has every resource and He knows every secret. His wisdom supersedes your own and all your chomas and He is your greatest help. Find help and comfort in the greatest advocate who will always be available to stand by your side for help.



John 14:16

John 14:26

John 16:7

John 15:26



Holy Spirit, teach me to rely on you and lean on you more, teach me to rely on men less and teach me to rely on myself less. I place my confidence and hope in you as my helper.

I separate myself from the miserable comforters in my life and I connect to the power of God through the working of the Spirit.

I place my fears and worries at your feet, as well as my challenges and my inadequacies. I give you my doubts and burdens. Help me navigate my life, teach me to walk through my journey. Direct my path towards your will for my life.

Help me as I prepare, help me with my plans and ideas, help me with my dreams and aspirations, help me with my emotions and thoughts, help me with my fears and doubts, help me with my motives and intentions, help me with my low moments and high moments, help me with my pain and hurts, help me with my limits and potential, help me with my frustrations and irritations, help me live for you in a way that brings you honour.

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