The essence of prayer


Prayer is founded on two issues; our power through Christ and the word of God. We recognise that we have no power of our own, and we have no glory of our own. All our power and authority is found through our relationship with God, and it is in that relationship that we find our power. Other forms of prayer are based on human soulishness, driven by human ambition and human desires. Godly prayers are built on the word of God, and they are fuelled by a relationship with God. When you are in a relationship with someone, your conversations with them change. You have a deeper understanding of what they like and how they think; you have a competitive advantage over a stranger. The word of God will give you deep insight into the mind of God for your life, it will adjust your scope and give you a better understanding of how to pray. Prayer becomes effective when you develop a deeper relationship with God and a solid foundation of the word of God.

So how do we pray? We pray according to the word, and we find the will of God concerning a thing. We continually and persistently seek God and connect with Him daily as we build a deeper relationship with him. We love what he loves, and hate what he hates, we administer his written and spoken will, and we make it known daily in prayer. Imagine showing up in court and you are well read on your legal rights. You know the exact moments to object, you know what you are allowed to do and what you cannot do. You become more confident with each objection, petition, argument and even your plea. Pure legal knowledge is great, but imagine if you had a great relationship with the judge as well. This is the same with praying in the word. Prayer in the word will reveal God’s heart for you and makes it easier to speak to judge of all and to remind Him of His word.



1 John 5:14-15

John 14:13

1 Peter 3:9

Isaiah 55:11



Lord teach me to pray according to your word, fill me up with your precious spirit and a deeper revelation of your word.

I receive every promise given to me through the word of God and I apply that into my life by faith and fervent prayer

My life reflects the desire of God’s word and his will over my life. I am filled by the manifest word of God over my life.

The word of God is established and true in my life, my prayers and my life are in complete alignment with His word for me.

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