The enemies of faith

The enemies of faith


Very often we attribute fear as the absolute opposite of faith and we think that the only consequence for not having faith is to be afraid. As a result, many other conditions of faithlessness go unchecked and we harbor other conditions that are detrimental to our relationship and faith in God.

The following are 6 enemies of faith


Doubt – One thing I should highlight about doubt is that all of us face some doubt. Doubt makes us unsure, it makes us question ourselves and sometimes even God. Many Christians sometimes doubt and they become unsure of the word of God for their life. People who doubt are people with faith and yet are shaken at times, and at times doubt manifests as questions about what you believe.


Unbelief – Unbelief is spiritual blindness, it is a denial of the evident hand of God and a complete attitude of turning away from what God has placed in you and ahead of you. Unbelief is pure resistance to God and his word. It is a corrupt state of the heart that denies the power of God and the hand of God.


Worry – Worry is a total obsession over things that are within your care, please note that not all things in your care are within your control. I care about my children but I cannot control every part of their future. We become worrisome when we try to assume control over things that are in God’s jurisdiction.


Anxiety – Anxiety is worry with a physical proponent. We manifest our worries and they manifest emotionally, logically, physically, and in many other ways. Our worry then causes nervousness, agitation, upset and we begin to react (respond) from our worry.


Logic – Most acts of faith were killed by Logic. Logic is the reasoning that we use to justify defiance to God and a complete disregard to faith. Most of us use common sense to navigate life, we rely on our education and our mind and as a result we are logical beings. Logical beings cannot walk into the realities of Faith because they cannot understand spiritual truths.


Inaction – “Faith without works is DEAD” Faith is not a feeling, faith is a response to our inner conviction. When we believe we must respond in faith, and so faith is action. If you never act in response to the word of God you are not a believer. Every time we receive the word of God we must get up and act on it in order for it to work for us.



Mark 11:23

1 John 4:18

Luke 12:22

Philippians 4:6-7




I am a believer, not a doubter. I put aside all unbelief, all worry, all anxiety, all logic and I choose to respond to the word of God in faith concerning my life


Father walk the journey of faith with me, help me to navigate past my own mental, spiritual and emotional blocks to my faith.

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