The blood that speaks

Today the key focus is on praying, I want to encourage you to focus on the following prayer points but I would also like to highlight a key aspect about the blood of Jesus. When we do something wrong, our humanity always calls for justice. It is who we are and even without people, all creation demands that debts be paid. The world and the cosmos has been known to be cruel at demanding balance and repatriation of all things good and bad. They can call it karma or “an eye for an eye,” but the truth is we deserve to be  punished for our sins. When Abel was killed by Cain, his blood immediately started crying for justice and it was calling for payback; a life for a life. The unfortunate thing is that blood speaks and the blood of man cannot advocate for another.

“to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel. “Hebrews 12:24

The blood of Jesus however speaks life, it speaks restoration, forgiveness and restoration. It calls that you receive the good that you did not deserve. It doesn’t matter what you have done, the blood continually speaks better things over you. It ushers us into a covenant that is better, in this covenant we are not rewarded for what we have done, but His mercy allows us to receive what we have not earned. The blood is speaking for you, you are not alone…



Father as I start my day I please the blood of Jesus over my day, my car, my home, my family and all around me in Jesus name.

I hold the blood of Jesus against every force and enemy on assignment against my ministry, life, joy, family, business…etc

I decree a transfusion in my life, I take the blood of Jesus and his divine blood, I reject my iniquitous, sinful and corrupt bloodline. I draw a line with the blood of Jesus and I decree a new destiny, new desires, new thoughts, and even I am changed into a new man, according to the nature of Christ.

I decree and declare in this court that all demonic powers that have been operating down my generational bloodlines on both parental sides of my natural ancestors: you will heed, respect and honour this righteous decree.

I further denounce all iniquities and transgressions that are avenues for demonic operations!  I denounce these demonic attachments back one thousand generations in Jesus name!  I now release it to embrace Jesus’ holy, divine and prophetic bloodline.  The bloodline inheritance of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is now my bloodline inheritance!

I have redemption through the blood of Jesus, my sins are forgiven and forgotten.

The blood of Jesus has provided atonement for all my sins and final act of public expiation has been made on my behalf.

I have power to overcome the enemy, all attacks against my life are concluded in my favour.

I plead the Blood of Jesus against the enemy and break off every power of the kingdom of darkness, I cancel every argument in heaven that has established itself against me in Jesus name

I release the blood of Jesus to speak on my behalf. Let it speak for my success, let it speak for my joy, my victory and my success. I silence all other voices that speak into my life. The blood of my ancestors shall no longer speak for me.

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