Day 3 The blood that gives access

In the old testament, God would speak to his people through a few men. He would speak only a few times and these men whom he spoke to were selected and chosen. The priests would go before God in the Holy of Holies covered in the blood of animals. The purpose of this blood was to hide the sin of the man in order to allow them to be in the presence of God. Sadly only the High Priest Aaron could come into the presence of God to speak to Him. The rest of the nation of Israel had no access to the throne of God.

At the cross, Jesus sheds His precious blood. As his blood is shed, the veil is torn and suddenly the world has access into the Holy of Holies but the reason why we could live is because of his blood. The blood of Jesus then covers us and allows us to stand in the presence of God in the same way that Aaron could stand in the Holy of Holies. The blood of Jesus is better than the blood of animals because, unlike animal blood it removes our sin. The blood of animals would hide our sin, but His blood removes it. It allows anyone to commune and relate with God. We do not need special robes and animal blood to have access to God, we simply need the blood. We do not need to fear the wrath of God, we do not fear the presence of God or the power of God. The blood of Jesus makes us worthy and gives us access into the presence of God.



Hebrews 10:19-22

Revelations 1:5

Ephesians 2:13

Leviticus 17:11



Lord I thank you for your precious blood which gives me access to your presence and your power.

I declare that the blood of Jesus covers me, it removes all my sins, the blood gives me boldness to walk into the presence of God.

The blood of Jesus has given me freedom through the Priesthood of Christ Jesus, the veil is torn and the blood has given me atonement for my sins.

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