The Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus.

It is of great importance that we first understand the significance of blood. In the book of Leviticus 17:11. For the life of the flesh is in the blood…  This means that blood represents life. In fact the blood theme is in the whole bible. In the Old Testament God was the first person to shed blood when Adam and Eve sinned, so that He could exchange an animal’s life for our lives. God continues to use blood in the Old Testament to show the extent of His mercy and redemption for mankind.

Coming to the Blood of Jesus, the use of the blood of animals was not enough to wash away our sins completely and God wanted blood that would be shed and clean our sins now and for all. Because of God’s great love, He decided to shed the blood of His own son. This is because fruit bearers after its own kind, we needed the Blood of a man to be shed to atone for our sins. Hence Jesus came in the form of a human being to shed His blood for us.

It was important that the blood be innocent, that is why no other person’s blood could atone for our sins. We see this in the Old Testament when the priest would only use the blood of a spotless animal for sacrifices. Jesus was a seed of the Holy Spirit and not of His father because, Joseph’s blood was not innocent and spotless. Jesus belonged to the tribe of Judah though he did not have Joseph’s blood.

Hebrews 9:10-14 talks of the blood of Jesus that was shed once and for all, the blood that washed our sins away. Jesus came as the last Adam, shed His innocent blood and when it was spilled it established our innocence since He was representing every one of us. The blood pleads our innocence before God, every time we mention the blood of Jesus we remind the devil that we are innocent now by the blood of Jesus.

In the book of Revelations it says we overcome by the word and the blood of the lamb. When we speak the blood of Jesus we attain victory in every area of our lives. The blood gives and preserves life. In the book of Exodus chapter 12 verse 12, God says put the blood of a lamp on your door posts so that whenever I see the blood, I will pass over you. That night as the angel of death swept through the land of Egypt all that had the blood were preserved. We see the blood averting judgement and stopping the destroyer. The same is true for us today, the blood gives life to us when we receive and believe in Jesus. His blood averts judgement from us and we get life through the washing away of our sins.

In our daily lives, we can plead the blood of Jesus over our lives, our health, our possessions and our loved ones because the blood of Jesus protects and attains victory. The blood of Jesus speaks, it speaks for our innocence, for our victory and our protection. Hebrews 12:24


NB. Please read the scriptures provided and meditate on them through your day.



I am washed by the blood of Jesus, all sin, iniquity and guilt had been removed from my life.

The judgement of God has passed over me, the blood of Jesus is over my life and I am protected.

I cover my job, family, children, husband, wife, (mention everything in your life) by the blood of Jesus

I am connected to the holy blood of Jesus, I am disconnected from the iniquitous blood of Adam.

The blood of Jesus speaks for my innocence, my victory and my protection





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