Salvation, the power of exchange

Week 1 Day 6, Salvation – The power of exchange

By now you have a broader understanding of what Salvation is. I love the meaning of the word Jesus; it means “The Lord is my Salvation” or “God my help.” When you call out his name, you are literally asking God for his help. It has roots in deliverance and rescue, and it is an assurance that whenever you call out to God, he is willing and able to rescue you. In light of rescue; you are always rescued from something and you are brought into another thing. Imagine there is a storm and a ship capsizes, everyone on board is floating on the surface with life-jackets, waiting for someone to rescue them from hypothermia, drowning, and even death. When rescue services arrive, they are rescued into safety and life. There is always an equal exchange. The bible describes this rescue/exchange as a ransom, in that when Jesus was on the cross he paid a price that you couldn’t afford to pay. We were like kidnapping victims, tied to the chair of death, disparity, sickness and judgement. A price had to be paid for our release and nothing less than life was required for our release.

Jesus came and paid the price through his death, and because he died, we do not have to die anymore. He took our diseases so we don’t have to be sick, took our poverty so we can be rich, he paid a ransom, an equivalent exchange for your iniquity. You are a product of high value because God paid a ransom for you worth more than just earthly treasures. That is the foundation of your salvation. He is offering you life, victory, strength, joy, blessings, health, abundance and everything you desire, in exchange he has taken your death, loss, weakness, sadness, curses, sickness and lack upon himself. That is how much He loves us; our sin, for his righteousness.



2 Cor 5:21

Hebrews 4:15

Romans 4:5

Isaiah 53:5



  • God is my salvation, he is my helper, my strength and my deliverer. I call the name of Jesus over every area of my life.
  • I acknowledge that Jesus has delivered me, and chosen me from the path of judgement and eternal damnation and he has brought me into his wonderful light (1 Peter 2:9)
  • Jesus paid it all for me, the debt has been paid. I was bought with a price, and he took my curse upon himself and exchanged it for his life (Galatians 3:13-14)
  • By faith I receive my joy, blessings, life, peace, strength, victory and I release my curses, failures, sickness, death, burdens and pain to Him.
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