Week 1 Day 3 Salvation from shame and guilt

Our past has always been the greatest point of shame and guilt. We always see ourselves from the lenses of our failures and mistakes. Our greatest human flaw is that we measure ourselves on our past behaviour and we judge other people by what they did in the past as well. God does not work that way though. We receive Justification which means “to be declared righteous”, and we are set free from the guilt and punishment that comes through sin. God credits you with the righteousness of Christ without future condemnation.

Imagine a prisoner who has been serving a sentence in prison, on appeal, the judge gives him an acquittal, the record is purged and they are released. That person does not have to live in prison anymore, they can choose to live without the guilt of prison. Jesus has already released you from the guilt and shame from your past sins. Scripture tells us that he has already forgiven and blotted out your sins. Is 44:22. He does not remember them anymore. You are forgiven and your sins are forgotten, it is the mission of the enemy to remind you of your past sins and to make you guilty of your past. You are free, as if you have never sinned. Enjoy your freedom in Christ.



Colossians 2:13-14

Acts 3:19

Romans 8:1

Romans 3:26



  • I release myself from the guilt of the past. I refuse to allow the enemy to remind me of my past sins and mistakes. I have been forgiven and I receive my freedom in Christ
  • I am no longer judged by my past actions but by the finished work of Jesus on the cross.
  • I thank you Jesus for what you have fulfilled on the cross, I receive the forgiveness of sins
  • I shed my mind of sin conscious thoughts, and I put my mind on the grace of God.
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