Our Values

Love– Love is our greatest calling, our greatest mission, and our greatest purpose. We are a loving church; we value loving relationships. We’re more than just a church that gathers on Sunday…we’re a family. Being a family means that we share the same heart, purpose, and passion for God and people. We love each other and we love you, and for us, our service to God is an exciting experience that we get to share with our family and that’s you. YOU ARE LOVED!


Integrity– “Don’t count us, weigh us” Integrity is the heart of our church, honesty, transparency, reliability, consistency, and above all, to be blameless. This doesn’t mean we are perfect, it means that we should create an environment of godliness that allows Christ to be seen in our actions and deeds. This includes conduct on and off church property, even extending to our finances, daily living, workplaces, and homes.


Service– We serve God, we serve the house of God and we serve each other. In our church we do not believe in organograms or hierarchy, we believe in one body with many units. If we all take our place, the whole body moves forward. We are NOT a cruise ship, we are a battleship, we need all hands on deck, all hearts in place to build the house. We encourage you to find your place in this house to serve.


Accountability– We serve, we love, we fellowship, we minister, and we understand that we are stewards of many gifts that God gave us. We are then accountable to God, our leaders, and each other for everything that we do. Stewardship requires accountability. We have been made stewards of people, wealth, resources, spiritual and natural gifts that we must still account for, at all times.


Generosity– 2 Cor 11:9 “You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us, your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God”.Generosity is the understanding that your blessing is an opportunity to give to others. Generosity is born from a sacrificial life; through giving into the house, into others, and more especially to the needy. This house will present opportunities for generosity and there is one simple rule; if you see any need and you can help, then you are the right person for the job.


Evangelism– Our greatest calling is to bring others to the knowledge of Christ. Once we come to this knowledge and maturity we become the salt and light of the world. Every member of this church has a biblical duty to preach Christ outside of the church walls. It is our ultimate reward and our core duty. This is not always easy so please sign up for our evangelism classes and become acquainted with how to live an evangelical life.


Discipleship– Every child and dependent has to grow and mature into adulthood, this means that someday other people will also look up to them and depend on them. Christian maturity has to lead to discipleship where even you can lead others to God. Through our various ministries, Bible Schools, and our Sunday Services, you will find tutelage that will help you develop into a disciple. A disciple is a student that learns in order to imitate (live-out) what they have learned.


Fellowship– You are our greatest gift, a member of a special family that God made just for you. The only family you get to choose. We encourage you to love these people, spend time with them, we promise not to bite, and even better, we promise not to be weird. We are just as nervous to meet you as you are, but we are so eager for the pleasure to get to know you. We want you to know that you are loved and you are always welcome to laugh, cry, eat, share, and be with us.


Sonship– There is a major difference between sons and nephews, in our modern-day we have a lot of church-hoppers and church transfers. One fundamental fact is that there are no perfect churches and no perfect people. Regular attendees of this house change their status from “members” to “sons.” A son protects his house, defends it, builds it, sacrifices for it corrects wrong things in the house for the betterment of the house. Pastor Guidance is our spiritual father and as sons, we have to submit to authority and the leadership of the house. We urge you to own this work, build it, defend it, uphold it, as sons would do.


Prayer, Worship, and Word– These are the 3 pillars of the true church of Jesus Christ. Ascend Church is a Bible-based, tongue talking, spirit-filled church. There is NOTHING more important than the ministry of the word, the communion of prayer, and the heart of worship. Our services are essential to Christian living, and we highly recommend avid attendance of every service possible. The purpose of these services is not to fill-up your week, but to give you opportunities for fellowship with God and the rest of our family, to grow in the knowledge of God through the Word and Prayer.

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