Love that changes

Week2 Day 2 Love that changes

The love of God is a complicated love to the world, it is love that accepts but does not always approve. We must never confuse approval for acceptance by thinking that love always means being in agreement with other people’s actions. God loves us in spite of our sin but he still desires that we become changed. Picture a baby with a smelly diaper; we do not necessarily enjoy the diaper but our feelings towards the baby never change. God loves the preacher and the sinner the same way, but still his love gently leads us all to change for the better.

We should never do good works because we are afraid of God, we must do good because we love Him. As we develop into a deeper loving relationship with God we serve him as a result of our love for Him. The story of Mary and Martha in scripture illustrates that service is a result or love. Our transformation must be driven by our love for God through God’s love for us. This is why the bible says we must love Him as He has loved us. We mirror His love, and we respond to his call. Through his love, we are transformed into better people. Religion will give us rules on how to live and how to behave, but love changes us for the better because we are called to it.

Understand the analogy of marriage; in a loving relationship you know that if you ever sin against your partner they should have an open heart to forgive you. No relationship can work if we cannot forgive each other for wrongdoing. This doesn’t give us a licence to do wrong against our partner, but it changes us into being better. It should not make us cruel because forgiveness is already given, but it motivates us to be better. Love changes people



1 John 4:16-21

Psalm 13:5

Psalm 90:14

Psalm 5:7

John 13:34-35



The love of God is at work in me to change me.

I am transformed by His love into acceptance, God loves me in spite of my mistakes and sins.

The love of God teaches me to love others, to serve and to accept others. I am transformed into the nature and image of Jesus

God loves me the same as others, I remove all feelings of disfavour and lack of acceptance. I am a son, the Lord is pleased with me.

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