Week 2 Day 3 Love in rebuke and discipline

So yesterday we looked at the transformative love of God, it is this love that allows you to change at the best of your ability without pressure and fear. The loving nature of God is patient and kind, He allows us to sort through all our issues while He is quietly working within us. Love is patient, kind, long-suffering and patient. God has extended this to us constantly, even that while we were yet sinners Christ came to die for us. We love hearing this but most people do not like the next dimension of truth. As children, our sonship is manifest in how we respond to God’s discipline and rebuke. As we get closer to God, we develop a relationship that allows God to speak to us, even about things that we should change. Christianity is not a ticket to living in any way but it is a relationship that submits to God’s authority, to allow him to speak to you and to change you.

Hebrews 12: 5 – 9  Clearly speaks to us about the fulfilment of sonship through our willingness to subject ourselves to God’s correction. God only chastens those he loves, and he rebukes those he calls sons. Chastening means to discipline, understand that God allows us to be put in an a process of discipline and correction in order to steer us into his will and desire. When we accept chastening from Him, we validate our sonship in Him. If a father really loves you, he corrects you and if you are a son, you receive and accept his discipline. People tend to think that love means allowing people to do what they want, sadly they are mistaken. The love of God is manifest even when He allows us to walk into painful processes including punishment. Even when His grace is at work, sometimes we still have to deal with the consequence of our sin (punishment) and even when that punishment hurts, He still loves you and he is still steering you to his path.



Psalm 94:12

Revelations 3:19

Proverbs 3:11-12

Psalms 119:75



I am a son of God under process. He speaks to me and he corrects me as a father would

I am submitted to his correction, discipline and rebuke, I am willing and able to change as he commands it

Lord, reveal areas of my life that are not submitted so I can follow your will. Reveal parts of my life that are in disobedience to your direction for my life.

I trust you with my future, with my decisions and my destiny. You are the Lord of my life and the Lord of my thoughts, future and plans. I am a son

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