The Vision Part 1

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This is the most essential, if not, the core heart of leadership. You need to have a deeper understanding of what you represent, who you are and what your part is in the broader scope of the church. Our vision needs to be so clear to us that is is so easy to differentiate between us and another church. Their idea may be cool and amazing, but its not us and its certainly not our future or destiny. Your ability to understand that will shift you into successful leadership and effectiveness.

God did not call you to be popular, he did not call us to have a big church or a fancy church premise. He called us into this vision to be effective for what we were called for. Everything else becomes irrelevant to Ascend Church and its mission. The test is always the bible and the mission. Through the workings and direction of the Holy Spirit then we are effectively directed into proper execution.


This is the core of our teaching which means essentially our core mission is to bring hope and completeness into people’s lives… The core intention is that Jesus is the hope of the world, we cannot give people money, security, jobs, friends or anything else to bring hope. He is our focus, aspirations, strength, hope and our future. We have nothing and we are nothing without Him. Our mission then is to give the world the one thing they cannot find anywhere else, the hope we find in Christ. When they have received this hope only then can they ascend into His fullness. We have no message without Jesus, we have no reason to meet without Jesus, we cannot give anyone hope without Jesus, and we certainly shouldn’t even try without Him. Any hope found outside of Christ Jesus is a false hope 1 Peter  1:3-6.


How do we do this?

The key here is to understand that this is a process of building, its a process of instilling it and establishing it in people. What it means is that we have to follow the model of Christ which was discipleship. Our focus remains to disciple the nations and thereby we share Christ with them and we teach them to live like him. The key to discipleship is that you need to be properly and adequately discipled in order for you to do the same to someone else. We cannot illegitimately disciple people when we ourselves have not been discipled. We cannot give hope when we ourselves don’t have it. We essentially produce what we are… As a leader then your heart must be built around knowing Jesus. You must have a desire to know Him intimately, to become acquainted with Him and to be intimate with Him. Our mission then is to share that with others and spread that hope.. This hope will teach us how to be better fathers, it will teach us how to be good husbands/wives, it will make us love better, live better and most importantly mature into fullness.

We believe that God placed us all on earth as beacons of hope, which restores lives and purpose to the fullness of Christ. Our mission is to pursue the mission of Christ which is to win souls and disciple the nations, it is in the finished work of Christ on the cross that the world will find fulfilment, hope and purpose.
Ascend Church is an apostolic prophetic house with a mission towards the construction and elevation of men and women into transformation, leadership and christian maturity through solid discipleship. True discipleship and teaching will remonstrate, rebuild, reform and raise spiritually, socially and culturally. It is here that we ascend into a better culture, a better promise and a better people.


Our leadership must reflect this!

How do we do this? Mission Objectives


These objectives are weekly spiritual and practical ways for us to effectuate our vision:

  1. Fervent discipleship & mentoring for christian maturity, leadership development and mobilisation
  2. Create real atmospheres of prayer, and worship that necessitate the heaviness of God and the expression on his power and might
  3. Bring deliverance to captives in our city and society through practical transformation models
  4. To deliver shackle breaking, liberating, and life changing word
  5. Actively tackling reformation in the 7 key areas of our ministry and lives
  6. Develop effective prophetic seers and voices, trained for this generation with Christ mindedness
  7. Apostolic training, kingdom sonship, and biblical order to achieve generational impact
  8. Develop a Kingdom footprint in each community we serve with a persistence in local relevance. Specifically with job creation, helping the less fortunate, correcting societal injustices and rehabilitation

These must be broken down and explained to you in person and you must be able to comprehensively explain each one and what it means

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