Organic Life

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1 Cor 11 and 12

Organic life is at the very heart of Biblical leadership.

Consider this: there is nothing in Scripture that infers that Paul was ever a pastor, or that Timothy was. They were based in churches, but Paul was one of the ‘teachers and prophets’, and Timothy stayed in the base church that Paul asked him to and helped the pastor. They were ‘apostolic’ and not ‘pastoral’ in their role. Some would struggle to understand that because it does not fit into their way of thinking about how authority works in the church. Yet these men were significant, functional members in the church without holding the ‘position’ that many strive for.

The Kingdom of God grows because He causes it to, not because of what we achieve or the position and title we have.

Organic leadership is motivated to give the work strong support. We see this in 1 Chronicles 11:10:

The support we give the team leader and the team is given at a heart level and is not dependent on recognition.

Organic leadership want to refresh one another (2 Samuel 23:15-17):

Organic leaders take risks related to the Kingdom of God

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