How God speaks

God speaks through so many ways, and each way is unique but it reveals a special relationship that he has with one person. There is no universal method of communication and through time he has developed unique ways to connect with us that are personal to us. The Holy Spirit is a person, and as such no two relationships can ever be the same. Like you and me, we cannot have exactly the same relationship with everyone. We cannot copy/paste a relationship but we develop personal connections that are special. Some relationships have secrets, some have special codes and inner jokes, some relationships have special favours and exclusive assignments. This is exactly the same as our relationship with God.


There are still many documented methods of how God speaks to us through scripture and literature, but it is not strange to have unique conversations with him. Dreams, visions, prophetic words, scripture reading, audible voice, thoughts and ideas, nature, feelings and sensations, instinct, conscience, and even largely uncharted and often dangerous (theologically) methods such as a trance and divine enlightenment. The book of revelation was written in such a state and even though it is not largely encouraged or taught today, God speaks to people as he wills through a diversity of ways. It is important to develop clarity on the voice of God so that you are not led into deception. A lot of Christians did many things in obedience to “God” and yet the enemy was leading them astray. God does not speak in conflict with his word, he establishes and confirms his heart within you and every word he gives you (all revelation) must be tested.



1 Kings 19:12

John 10:27-28

2 Timothy 3:16

Hebrews 1:1-2



I hear the voice of God, I am a sheep of the good shepherd and I am familiar with his voice.


I am sensitive to the word of God and the instruction of the Holy Spirit, even as he directs me.


Lord teach me to recognize and identify how you speak to me and the method by which you speak to me. Like Samuel, send me divine help to teach me how to respond to your voice.


Teach me how to separate the voice of the enemy from your voice and develop a better ear to know your heart for me.

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