Help! I can’t seem to hear from God.

Have you ever heard other people say “God told me” and somehow the idea of that is new, strange or distant for you? A majority of Christians cannot hear from God, the few that do hear from God, hear from Him infrequently. Jesus says that his sheep hear his voice and a stranger they will not follow. So why is it that most of his sheep struggle to develop a recognition of his voice? It is all tied into relationship. We cannot recognize his voice because we do not relate with him frequently enough to know his tone, rhythm and pace. Today we want to explore 5 common reasons why most Christians cannot hear from God. So, what could be standing in the way from developing a sharper ear for God?


  • Poor foundations– Sometimes the easiest way to know how to hear from God is to be taught how to hear God. Most Christians lack foundational teaching on the process of hearing from God. It is important that you must be established in a local church that values and emphasizes practical and continuous familiarity of His voice.
  • Sin– Sin creates a wall between you and God, it makes you numb to the word given through His Spirit. A clear sign of a state of sinfulness is the silence of the Holy Spirit and a seared conscience. Sin starts working at your heart to harden you so that you cannot hear from his throne and you become disconnected from Him. Someone taught me this sentence years ago and I know it will be a blessing to you as well. “My hEARt is an EAR to hEAR God.” If your heart is impure, you cannot hear Him.
  • Lack of relationship– The majority of Christians only relate to God when they have problems. God is their ATM machine of petitions and they occasionally pray before bed in a casual manner. You cannot hear from God if you cannot relate to him. God wants a personal relationship with you, and as the relationship gets deeper, he will reveal his secrets to you more and more. If you want to know God deeper then relate to him.
  • Busy-ness– Stop and listen for a moment. God is speaking through nature, through people, he is speaking daily and presently. Sometimes we get so engaged with our own programs that we miss the prompting of God through his word. If you love someone you give yourself to them, you make them a priority in your life and you do so selfishly. Loving God requires that we be intentional about spending time with him as well. So often God is fighting for our attention while we are busy chasing everything else. If you want to hear from God, make time to do so.
  • Chatter– I shared about chatter in the local assembly at Ascend Church on Sunday. In the war the enemy would send an information overload and a number of conflicting messages to keep the other side engaged in pursuing dead ends. I have found that the majority of Christians cannot hear from God because they are busy hunting for motivation, inspiration, and any word they can get without really seeking the voice of God. Not every scripture is meant for you, not every sermon is directed to you. There is a specific message that God wants you to know in this season that is unique just for you and it’s easy to chase any word and to eventually miss “the” word.



James 4:8

Matthew 6:6

Jeremiah 33:3

John 10:27-28





Lord teach me to develop a closer relationship with you daily, teach me to be intentional in my prayer life and in my study of your word.


Help me to develop a sincere hunger for you by sacrificing my own pursuits and my busy schedule to connect to you.


Father I repent of sin and any other thing that is standing between me and a better relationship with you.


Hone my ears into a clearer sensitivity to your voice, teach me to understand your tone, your pace and your rhythm daily.

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