One thing we must always be mindful of is that God is not mute, he speaks to his people. He has spoken to us since the beginning of time through the men of old, and the prophets Hebrews 1:1-2. He has spoken through nature and all life Romans 1:20 and most importantly God has spoken to us through His son Jesus Christ. We understand the image of an eternal and all-powerful God who has made effort to speak and be understood by simple men when we look at the bible. God seeks to know you and to be known by you. His divine attributes and nature all leading us to developing a deeper relationship with Him that is intimate and personal

This is the difference between our God and idols, God is not a wooden object made by hands. He is a living powerful God who speaks and interacts daily. Our ability to hear from God is always dependent on our yielding to Him and our relationship with him. He speaks constantly, He speaks about everything in your life, He speaks about the most minute details of your life, He speaks to YOU and I, regardless of our education, age, gender or race. Where do we start? We start by truly desiring to hear from him. So many Christians live in a bubble far from the voice of God and they pray one-way prayers, talking to an unresponsive God. That is NOT his will! Desire to hear the voice of God frequently, develop and appetite to hear from God daily. Begin to condition yourself to become receptive to God’s intention and plans towards your life daily.



Psalm 68:33

2 Samuel 22:14

Jeremiah 10:13

Zephaniah 3:17




Lord I desire to hear from you, I desire to know you intimately and to become familiar with your voice.

Teach me to become sensitive to your voice and your instruction

Teach me to become acquainted with your voice to hear from you as you speak to me through my day.

Reveal to me more and more your intentions, will and plans for my life through your instruction and directive in Jesus name.

Holy Spirit I yield to your instruction, your prompting and your voice. Order my steps and direct my paths.

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