God is JUST, not fair

This morning I was searching the Lord concerning what he wanted me to share, I believe this is the most important conversation that God wants us to have today. It will also be an answer to some people who have asked this question for a long time. A lot of Christians sincerely ask for God to be fair, fairness is requiring that God must treat everyone equally without any favouritism or discrimination to any one of them. For this reason, a lot of people feel that God is unfair, or has been unfair to them. We see sometimes the unrighteous prosper and we talk about how unfair everything life is but the truth is that God is just. Being just means that he is perfect, righteous and he shows no partiality to anyone.


Romans 2:11 For God does not show favouritism.


Anyone who sins will be repaid for their sins, he executes judgement when it is required, and he rewards those that are obedient towards him (Colosians 3:25). In Psalms 89 the writer mentions that Righteousness and Justice are foundations of the throne of God. They are essential to the very character of God as the king of the earth. We only understand part of who God is but he is complete within it. We understand a piece of love but he is love, he is a complete embodiment of a principle we understand in part. But let’s explore justice in justification.

When we sinned God could not overlook our sin because that would make him unjust. Justice demands that a ruling must be made against anyone that trespasses against the law. The guilty must be punished, the penalty must be meted, justice must be satisfied. We could not afford to pay the cost of our punishment and God could not violate his own nature, He is perfectly just.

Jesus comes and he dies for us on the cross and he received our due punishment. The justice of God is met in him and the anger of God towards us, the judgement reserved for us was put on Jesus. The thing is once a punishment has been passed, once a debt has been paid for it should never be brought back again. The record of our sin does not even exist because of the justice of God. Your books are wiped clean because the law of justice is fulfilled in Christ Jesus. Salvation is THE consequence of a not guilty verdict, when you chose him by faith, you immediately exchanged your destiny and claimed the pardon of sin that comes through the blood of Jesus. Your sin was paid for, so you don’t have to pay for it again. You are found to meet the requirements of justice!




Acts 10:34

Hebrews 6:10

Micah 6:8

Romans 12:9




If you are like me, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of awe at the measure by which God has protected me and preserved me. That he looks at me without sin or judgement. Sometimes we forget this or we overlook it. Take a moment today to be grateful.

  • Thank you Lord because you are not fair, you don’t put me in the same group with undeserving people or sinners. You show/have shown impartiality towards me and you have carried out your just nature over my life.
  • I thank you because the penalty of sin is paid, I owe nothing and your justice is complete and met.
  • I thank you because your mercy covered me. I could not afford to pay for the punishment that was due to me, but my debt was settled once and for all through Christ Jesus and I will not be convicted of that sin again. Your righteous judgement has been met.


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