Fighting in the spirit

Yesterday we mentioned a brief introduction to the realm of the spirit and today I want to also introduce another reality of this. When we understand the Kingdom of God we understand that there are various persons and entities that serve God in diverse operations and functions. Angels are one of the most popular messengers of the kingdom of God. They are known to be servants that perform the will of God on the earth and they are mentioned through scripture. In the spirit realm our knowledge and recognition of Angels puts us at an advantage when we pray. Men in scripture encountered angels when God divinely interfered in the affairs of men. Daniel saw an angel as he came to deliver the message of his imminent victory. Abraham got a visitation of Angels that came to deliver God’s message to him. The bible also mentioned various spiritual beings that are part of the Kingdom of God.

In the Kingdom of darkness we see demons, principalities, powers and rulers of darkness. We see them interact with us in a world where we battle them and as a result of our connection and affiliation to God, we automatically wage war against demonic entities. As a Christian you cannot be agnostic in the war that is being fought in the heavens. Your destiny, life and future hang in the balance simply because you belong to God. Spiritual warfare then is not an option, it is not a matter of preference, it is life and death. You need your spiritual eyes to be opened so you can understand how to deal with the truth that is confronting your life. When you are fighting spiritual battles, the fruits of that battle can be manifest through conflict in your marriage, sickness in your family, patterns of failure, depression and frustration, work upsets, despair and even death. We need spiritual sensitivity to reveal the agenda of the enemy and to give us an edge in our spiritual battle.


Scriptural Focus on Ephesians 6:12

1 John 4:4

2 Cor 10:3-5

Luke 10:19



I am redeemed FROM the hand of the Devil by the Blood of Jesus. I declare that all satanic thrones, altars, dominions, principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual hosts of wickedness and all satanic works have no power or authority over me. I declare that satanic harassment and intimidation have no effect on me.


I declare that the enemy is permanently denied access into my life and destiny. I take and maintain my place in Christ and I declare that the Devil is under my feet. I walk in dominion, power, and God’s prophetic purpose.


I declare that God reveals his mind and his heart for me, he exposes every agenda of the wicked one and he gives me a clear path to my victory and my breakthrough. Every mysterious plan, program, planting, and course of the enemy is destroyed today in Jesus name


Lord increase my spiritual sensitivity to unseen things, increase my capacity to discern those things which I cannot see with my natural faculties. Reveal the roots and sources of all battles in my life and give me wisdom to destroy all elements of the kingdom of darkness.

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