Fear, the architect of stagnancy


Our last devotional focused on fear in places of transition. We understand that fear most likely will attack when something is changing in your life. New baby, wedding, new relationship, ending relationship, family growing or downsizing a business. All of these things are moments of transition. We become slightly uncertain about the future, especially if we consider the change as a negative change.
Fear is at times a necessity because it makes us be more cautious about our transitions also making us do our dues and prepare ourselves better for the future.

The only real problem is when fear becomes a paralyzing agent. When we become so afraid that we become so paralyzed, so trepidated that we are stunned. We are immobile and silenced by fear.
I know many people that did nothing because they were too afraid. So many opportunities lost because you were too afraid. Moments that can never be regained or recovered because you were afraid to take the leap. That spirit of fear makes us surrender our will and our strength to it so much that fear becomes our authority and our dominion. Elijah was threatened by Jezebel and the Prophet who called fire from heaven was hiding in a cave in the next chapter.

Fear becomes the tool for stagnancy when it keeps you in comfort and will not release you into your destiny.
Starting a business is scary: do it anyway
Standing on stage is scary: do it anyway
Starting a new relationship is scary:
do it anyway
Failing is scary: do it anyway
Putting everything on the line is scary: do it anyway
Believing God and responding to his word is scary: do it anyway
Loving people is scary: do it anyway
Downsizing is scary: do it anyway
Starting afresh is scary: do it anyway
It doesn’t matter what it is, there is freedom behind the door of your fear.

No scriptures today. I want to challenge you to free yourself from your fear by simply doing something you have been afraid to do for a long time today. Take a step and challenge yourself to go beyond your fear today.

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