Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stay updated with activities and programmes?

We have added the Events feature right here on the website, under that tab you can get any of our programmes within the foreseeable future, also please like our facebook page and subscribe to notifications. Our church app should be available soon and updates will be available through the app as well.

How can I get this week's message?

All our messages including this week’s message will be posted under sermons. All relevant information will be there. Additionally on our social media platforms you will be able to get snippets of all our messages

What is The House of Levite?

House of Levite is a training school that focuses primarily on assisting you to be trained for any ministry or volunteer work. If you are keen to serve it is important that you find your fit and get prepared for it so that you may serve proficiently. We believe that our service to God and each other must be unselfish, deliberate, and well prepared.

What is a cell?

We have discipleship cell meetings which consist of 12 people or so and we believe that everyone was called by God to become a minister of the gospel. Cell groups are small clusters of these 12 or less people that learn, pray, share and grow together. The word that is shared among these people prepares them for the future and for the ministry. Leaders and born and raised through these cell structures for ministry and effectiveness. Your cell group is very essential to your christian walk and even areas like career, business and family.

Can I submit a prayer request?

Yes, we have seen the hand of God working with corporate prayers and we are excited at the opportunity to bring any issues to God with you and for you. Please submit your prayer requests here and we will immediately get in contact with you and we will pray with you.

How do I become a member?

We won’t make you sign any membership forms or keep a record of your attendance. We are a family and as soon as you walk in, you become a part of our family. Our family always has room for one more… You are loved!

Is there something I should wear?

No, you can wear what ever makes you comfortable. You are our focus, not the clothes you wear.

How can I invite an Ascend Church pastor to speak at our event?

Please feel free to email for information concerning the availability of any of our pastors. We love working with other ministries and we are more than excited to partner with you on your events

Do you emphasise paying money?

We believe that giving is a mandate for saints with a heart towards the work of God, it should never be forced, nor should anyone be manipulated into giving. We take an offering every Sunday, we believe in faithful tithing and stewardship, however the majority of our programmes and events are specifically funded by committed members, but if you feel led to give, you are more than welcome to do so.

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