Faith as access into heavenly realities.

Faith as access into heavenly realities.


In Chapter 2 of faith we unveiled the truth that faith unlocks everything in the Kingdom of God. We discovered that we receive salvation by faith, we receive The Holy Spirit by faith, we receive spiritual gifts by faith, we receive the manifestation of the Spirit by faith. The list goes on.

In fact, we receive healing, breakthrough, life, forgiveness and everything else by faith. The key revelation to take in today’s lesson is that faith is the currency that allows us to access heavenly realities. In our world we use money to access a certain lifestyle and reality. Money is our earthly transactional currency to get certain possessions, without money we cannot access that property. This is the same with heavenly/divine possessions, without faith you cannot receive anything from God. Faith breaks the barrier between the human and divine, the natural and spiritual, the facts and divine truths. Faith allows a simple man to connect to the mind of God and decode the realities of God in spite of their current situation.


The statement above should not be taken lightly; some of us have failed to receive from God because we lack the faith to access the realities he has given us. The word of God has given us so many truths, and so many realities that are easily available. God has already given them to us but the one thing that will give us access is our faith. If you pray without faith you will not be able to connect to these realities. The word of God reveals the realities of faith, but faith gives you the reach to connect and receive them. Do you have the right faith to connect to God’s realities for you?



Hebrews 11:1

2 Corinthians 5:7

Mark 9:23

Matthew 21:21-22



I have received the realities of heaven by faith, my faith is enlarged to receive every reality available to me.

I will live according to the realities of God for my life, not according to my current circumstances.

Lord teach me to enlarge my faith and enlarge my capacity to access all the realities of your fullness for me.

I hereby walk into my divine purpose, divine reality, divine path and my divine possessions by faith. I claim all things that God has granted to me by his mercy and I walk in the reality of his word.

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