In the beginning of creation, God made Adam and Eve. They were holy, without sin, and they were meant to live forever. Adam and Eve had a perfect relationship with God; they enjoyed a real, abiding and fulfilling connection to him. This relationship however was based of Adam and Eve’s obedience to God, and God gave them one condition. God said to Adam “You may eat of all the other trees in the garden except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for if you eat of it you will surely die. Genesis 2 vs. 15-17

Eve was then deceived by the serpent and ate the fruit and shared it with Adam. Together they died, a spiritual death and there was a separation between them and God when they were chased from the Garden of Eden, and from God’s presence. God had to pass judgement on man since he had sinned but he still had mercy and love for Adam. Though we did not sin ourselves; we inherited our father’s sin and by so doing, we are all sinners because of our father Adam. As a result all men are sinners, we are all born into sin and we have the burden of sin given to us through Adam’s blood. Scripture says that all sin leads to death (Romans 6:23), so we were condemned and judged for death. God being full of love, still determined to save us was compelled to come up with a plan to save mankind and restore his relationship with us. John 10:10, Romans 3:23, Romans 5:6-9 and Titus 3:5

To restore the relationship he had with mankind in the beginning, God sent His son, Jesus to die for our sins and restore us Back to God and our relationship with Him (John 3:16-18.) By one man’s sin we all became sinners, and through one man we are saved as well (Romans 5:12-21.) It is important to remember that sin is a nature, not an act and it is this nature that we inherit by virtue of being born. Jesus came to become sin (2 Corinthians 5:21) and to die for us, in our place, so that he can put an end to our sin nature. He died a death he did not deserve, in our place, and he rose again. When we accept him and his work on the cross we die, and are reborn into his new nature (1 Peter 3:18.) This is why we say that you must be “born again,” it basically means that you are die from your sinful nature, and you are resurrected into the righteous nature, the nature of Christ Jesus and given eternal life.

Therefore Salvation is the restoration of the righteous nature and the relationship we had with God in the beginning of creation through Christ Jesus. Salvation makes us sons and thereby heirs according to the promise of God given through Christ Jesus (John 1:12.) Salvation allows us to call him Abba father; Salvation reconciles us to God. As a result of everything else, you then make a commitment to live for God. Salvation means entering into an abiding, life-giving, transformative relationship with God, and allowing his nature and his life to be seen through you (John 12:46.) Your own desires, plans, aspirations and will are then exchanged for his desire and his will. You become like Christ, and your nature is transformed into becoming like Him. We must devote ourselves to God, live according to his will, and serve him. True belief and real faith will result in a changed life with new priorities and purpose. Faith demonstrated in our daily life, words, and actions is the evidence that we truly are his.


How to obtain Salvation?

  • Realise and acknowledge your sinful nature. Romans 3:23
  • Know of God’s desire to deliver you from the sinful nature
  • Have a desire to be delivered.
  • Understand that God’s way of delivering us is Christ. John 14:6, John 10:9
  • Believe with your heart and Confess with your mouth.( Acts 16:31, Romans 10:9-10, 13) This also means repenting and changing your heart away from sin, to Christ (Acts 3:19.)
  • Realize that righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.” Romans 3:22, Romans 4:5
  • Realize that you are justified by faith through grace, not by doing holy acts (through the law.) Salvation is not by works, there’s nothing we can do to obtain salvation. Romans 3:28, Ephesians 2:8-9
  • Recognise that salvation is a gracious, undeserved gift of God to you, it is not earned. Romans 6:23
  • Be baptised


Salvation confessions

Father I thank you for the gift of salvation, I receive it just as you have given it and I give myself completely to your will for my life, through your Holy son Christ Jesus.

I acknowledge that there is no other way to God, except through Christ.

I acknowledge that I am a sinner, but through grace and not by my own works I am saved and transformed through Christ. I have been made the righteousness of God and I am saved by his finished work on the cross.

I thank you Lord because I have died to sin, and I have been raised into life through Christ.

I confess that Jesus is Lord over my life; because he died for me, I choose to live for him daily.

Christ Jesus I now invite you to come into my life, live in me, live through me, and fill me with your precious Holy Spirit. May He live in me, and transform me.

I declare that I am a child of God

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