A covenant is a principal agreement, a binding between two or more parties. God is a covenant maker, covenant keeper, and
covenant revealer. His Covenants are eternal.

Key elements of each covenant
People– who is it for?
Promise– what does it say?
Sign– How will we know?
Condition– Lateral or unilateral- What must I do?
Consequence– What does it mean?

Period– How long does it last?

Rules of Covenant
1. A covenant has words. The principal agreement of what each party will do.

2. A covenant has a sign. A sign that brings remembrance to the covenant. A covenant has a seal or symbol

3. A covenant has blood. In the old testament, the word covenant was derived from the word “cut” the shedding of blood was a
a requirement for a covenant to be reached.
Types of Covenants
  1. Conditional Covenants
  2. Unconditional Covenants
  3. Universal Covenants

In the bible, there are several notable covenants that we must know. Below is a summarized explanation of each covenant

1. Edenic Covenant– Genesis 1:28-30. Universal Covenant.
Participants: God and Adam as the head of humanity.
2. The Adamic Covenant– Genesis 3:14-19. Universal Covenant
Participants: God, Adam, Eve and the serpent3. The Noahic Covenant-Genesis 9:1-17 Universal Covenant
Participants: God and Noah on behalf of the Human Race. The first covenant to specify a sign the rainbow

4. The Abrahamic Covenant-Genesis 12 and 13
Participants: God and Abraham as the head of the Jewish nation. Covenant sign was circumcision.
5. Mosaic Covenant-Exodus 19-24, 31. Conditional Covenant
Participants: God and Israel through Moses as the head of the nation the sign of this covenant was the Sabbath. A continuation of the Abrahamic Covenant.6. Davidic Covenant-2 Samuel 17:12-16
Participants: God and David as a continuation of the Mosaic Covenant and the Abrahamic Covenant. Sign is the temple

7. The New Covenant– The New Testament
Participants God and man through Christ. This makes him the second Adam.

Sign the blood of Jesus.
The seal of the covenant is the Holy Spirit.
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