About us

A God version of you. Our mission is to pursue the mission of Christ which is to win souls and disciple the nations. Discipleship brings Transformation.
Ascend Church is an apostolic prophetic house with a mission towards the crafting and elevation of men and women into transformation, leadership and Christian maturity through solid discipleship. True discipleship and teaching will remonstrate, rebuild, reform, and raise spiritually, socially and culturally. It is here that we ascend into a better culture, a better promise and a better people.


Discipleship that leads to transformation.

Fervent discipleship & mentoring for christian maturity, leadership development and mobilisation

Create real atmospheres of prayer, and worship that necessitate the heaviness of God and the expression on his power and might

To deliver shackle breaking, liberating, and life-changing word

Develop effective prophetic seers and voices, trained for this generation with Christ mindedness

Apostolic training, kingdom sonship, and biblical order to achieve generational impact

Bring deliverance to captives in our city and society through practical transformation models

Develop a Kingdom footprint in each community we serve with a persistence in local relevance. Specifically with job creation, helping the less fortunate, correcting societal injustices and rehabilitation

Actively tackling reformation in the 7 key areas of our ministry and lives


Meet with our leadership and connect with us

We are disciples, who are actively following Jesus, loving people, and teaching others to walk into a relationship with Jesus.

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